Charter Public Schools

Cabell County Charter Public Schools

Recent WV Code changes and WVDE Policy 3300 establishes the possible creation of charter public schools in West Virginia.  Any charter school application affecting Cabell County Schools and Cabell County School students must be through an application process and approval by the Cabell County Board of Education as required in WV Code and applicable policy.   The Cabell County Charter Public School Policy may be accessed by the following link:
                                    Policy 9710 Cabell County Charter Public Schools 
New Applicants: 
Applicants must use the WVDE Application and complete all county addendums required by Cabell County.  All applications are due on August 31, 2020.  Please refer to the following for additional information:
                                    WVDE Policy 3300 Charter Public Schools
                                     WVDE Charter School Application
                                    Application Procedures
Tim Hardesty
Assistant Superintendent District Support and Employee Relations
Cabell County Schools