Cabell Connection Series

"Cabell Connection" Video Series

Cabell Connection

Recently, the Cabell County Board of Education and the Highlawn community broke ground on construction of a new Highlawn Elementary. This state-of-the art school, located on the former Enslow Middle School site, is sure to be a point of pride for the City of Huntington and our Highlawn students.

A Night On Fifth

A Night On Fifth

Our "A Night on Fifth" Superintendent's Art Walks are special celebrations designed to showcase student art in an elegant setting. Taking on the atmosphere of a professional gallery opening, the event provides family fun while spotlighting outstanding student work.



Cabell County Schools has adopted the Schoology Learning Management System. This advanced, online platform allows students and teachers to work collaboratively, parents to monitor how their student is progressing and fosters productive, two-way communication between the home and school.

Museum of Art

Museum of Art

The Huntington Museum of Art has been a long-time partner of Cabell County Schools, providing arts enrichment activities at the museum's facilities as well as in the district's schools. It's an important relationship that inspires both students and teachers to creatively express themselves.

Cabell Connection: Huntington Symphony

Huntington Symphony

Through the Janet E. Bromley Music Educational Outreach Program, the Huntington Symphony Orchestra is introducing students to different musical styles right in their schools. The students have an opportunity to interact with the musicians directly and learn about the instruments they play.

Cabell Connection: Local School Improvement Council

Local School Improvement Council

Students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members recently came together to provide input to the Board of Education and Superintendent about how the district can better support future-ready learning in a safe, supportive environment. These Local School Improvement Council (LSIC) members represent every school in the district and are focused on the success of every student.

Cabell Connection: Simulated Workplace

Simulated Workplace

As part of their college and career academies, high school students in Cabell County are participating in the state's Simulated Workplace program. The Simulated Workplace environment permits students the opportunity to take ownership of their individual performance, while thriving in an authentic workplace culture. Simulated Workplace also encourages local business and industry experts to join onsite review teams to assist schools in meeting their workforce needs and expectations.

Cabell Connection: Professional Learning Days

Professional Learning Days

On Professional Learning Days, Cabell's faculty take the place of their students, sharpening their teaching skills; analyzing student data and making plans to improve performance; and learning about the latest technology and how it can be used to bolster student success.

Cabell Connection: Post Graduate Program

Special Ed Post Grad Program

The Special Education Post Graduate Program at Huntington High School is helping to provide recent graduates tools they will need to be successful as they enter adulthood. Whether it's learning to ride the city bus, obtaining a driver's license or I.D. card, or applying for a job, these students are demonstrate for us all that their abilities are immense and that learning should never stop.

Cabell Connection: Technology Career Center

Technology Career Center

The Cabell County Career Technology Center recently partnered with the Marshall University Men's Basketball program to renovate the players' locker room. The results are nothing less than magnificent for both the students and the community.

Cabell Connection: Scratch Cooking

Scratch Cooking

While it is summer break for most, Cabell County's cooks are now doing the teaching, sharing their advanced knowledge about scratch cooking with peers from across the state. Their goal is to is to encourage the preparation of healthy recipes that utilize fresh ingredients so children across West Virginia receive the same sort of nutritious meals Cabell students enjoy every day.

Cabell Connection: Drone Olympics

Drone Olympics

Even though the school year is coming to an end, it doesn't mean learning isn't still taking place. The annual Drone Olympics, hosted by Central City Elementary, gives students an opportunity to apply their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills through exciting flight competition events.

Cabell Connection: Highlander Helpers

Highlander Helpers

Highlander Helpers is a student-led club at Huntington High School that is working to keep the facility in tip-top shape. Their hard work and dedication results in a better learning environment for everyone, and a sense of pride among the "helpers" for a job well done.

Cabell Connection: Elementary Archery

Elementary Archery

A new archery program at Hite-Saunders Elementary is doing more than providing a fun, physical education activity for students. Teacher Dan Miles has incorporated lessons from the student's core subjects into their activities, reinforcing the lessons being taught by their classroom teachers.

Cabell Connection: Dedicated to Students

Dedicated to Students

Public schools in Cabell County do much more than deliver quality instruction. Our district is a place of love where teachers, administrators and service personnel strive daily to create an environment where each student feels they belong and is empowered to succeed.

Cabell Connection: State of the Schools

State of the Schools

Superintendent Ryan Saxe provides the community with an update on the progress of his initial "Superintendent's Transition Plan". The comprehensive plan included multiple opportunities for input from the district's many stakeholders. That input, along with district assessment data and several other indicators of success, are being used to develop a Strategic Plan which will help the district better prepare students to be college and career ready.

Cabell Connection: JROTC Program

JROTC Program

Today's military requires not only a desire to serve, but also science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) training. Both the Air Force JROTC program at Cabell Midland High School and the Army JROTC program at Huntington High School are preparing their cadets to be successful and responsible Americans, no matter what career path they choose.

Cabell Connection: Theater Program

Theater Program

The award-winning Huntington High School Theater program, led by Teacher/Director Helen Freeman, is as much about building a sense of community as it is presenting high-quality, musical and dramatic productions. The students are currently rehearsing for the musical "Hairspray", which will be presented for the public April 20,21,26,27,28 at 7:30 p.m. There are also two Sunday matinee performances, April 22 & 29 at 3:00 p.m.

Cabell Connection: Universal Pre-K Program

Universal Pre-K Program

The Cabell County Schools Universal Pre-K Program works to provide 4-year-olds with the early skills they need to be successful as they enter elementary school. The free program is offered in a variety of settings including district classrooms, churches, and community-based Pre-K and Head Start centers. Children enrolled at any of these district-approved sites receive instruction based on the West Virginia Board of Education's Early Learning Standards. They also benefit from the district's Universal Free Meal Program. For more information, please contact your local public school, community-based provider, or call (304) 743-7325.

Cabell Connection: Agriculture Program

Agriculture Program

The Agriculture program at Cabell Midland High School isn't just about farming. The program teaches students all aspects of plant and animal production, marketing, and business management. Through the program, they acquire hands-on technical and leadership skills that support their success, no matter what career path they might choose.

Cabell Connection: The Strings Program

The Strings Program

The Strings Program at Barboursville Middle School is doing more than filling the hallways of the building and beyond with beautiful sound. The 300-plus students who participate are finding true inspiration in music, which they say is boosting their interest in school and overall success. The Strings Program has received instruments from the VH1 Save The Music Foundation and was recently honored with a visit by the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts.

Cabell Connection: Career Transition Program

Career Transition Program

The Cabell County Schools Special Education Department operates a Career Transition Program that allows students to develop on-the-job skills in real life settings. Many local businesses and community organizations support the program by opening their doors and enabling participating students to demonstrate what valuable and productive employees they can be.

Cabell Connection: Committed to Safely Transporting Students

Committed to Safely Transporting Students

Our Cabell County Schools Transportation Department employees are often the first and last contact the district has with students each day. These dedicated service personnel can offer a smile that turns a bad morning around, or some encouraging words to get homework done. Most of all, our Bus Operators, Mechanics, and other transportation staff are committed to getting approximately 13,000 students safely to school and back to their homes each and every school day.

Cabell Connection: Science Olympics

Science Olympics

This week's "Cabell Connection" spotlights the outstanding Science Olympiad team at Huntington Middle School.  This state and national award-winning team gives students the opportunity to gain and apply science skills in a fun, hands-on environment. Be sure to "like" and share our video.

Cabell Connection: School-wide Wellness at Village of Barboursville Elementary

School-wide Wellness at Village of Barboursville Elementary

This week's "Cabell Connection" spotlights the outstanding Science Olympiad team at Huntington Middle School.  This state and national award-winning team gives students the opportunity to gain and apply science skills in a fun, hands-on environment. Be sure to "like" and share our video.

Cabell Connection: Patient Care at Cabell Midland High School

Patient Care at Cabell Midland High School

This week's "Cabell Connection" video features patient care training taking place in a "Simulated Workplace" at Cabell Midland High School. These programs are all part of the the school's Health Science and Wellness Academy. Programs of study in this academy include Patient Care Technician; Sports Medicine; Strength and Conditioning Training; Personal Fitness and Wellness Training; Electrocardiograph Tech and Phlebotomy; Pharmacy Technician and Health Informatics.

A wide variety of Career Academies are being offered to all district high school students at Cabell Midland High School, Huntington High School, and the Cabell County Career Technology Center.

Cabell Connection: Mock Trials at Huntington High School

Mock Trials at Huntington High School

In this week's "Cabell Connection", we visit Huntington High School, where seniors gain in-depth knowledge about the nation's Judicial System by participating in mock trials. These trials help students not only learn about the function of courts, but they also encourage within them a further understanding of the importance of being an involved citizen.

Cabell Connection: Spring Hill Therapy Dog Comforting Students

Spring Hill Therapy Dog Comforting Students

In this week's "Cabell Connection" video, we spotlight the use of a therapy dog at Spring Hill Elementary to boost spirits, while helping bring the community together in the process.  Safe Haven, our canine friend, visits with students who may be experiencing stress in their personal lives, or who might just need help calming their nerves before a big test.  In the process, she demonstrates to everyone school-wide we are all more alike than we may realize.

Cabell Connection: Impact of Universal Free Meals

Impact of Universal Free Meals

This week's "Cabell Connection" highlights the importance of offering universal free meals to students, and the impact it is making in both the classroom and the community.

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, the Board of Education voted that all students in Cabell County's public schools would receive free meals through participation in the USDA's Community Eligibility Provision (CEP).

Cabell Connection: Athletics and Student Success

Athletics and Student Success

Welcome to the first video of our new, weekly series about the great activities and instruction taking place every day in Cabell County's public schools.  In this week's installment, we examine how participation in athletics at Cabell Midland High School helps students find success by instilling traits such as patience, practice, and perseverance when working to achieve a goal.  Thank you to Athletic Director Chris Parsons and Cabell Midland's administrators, coaches, teachers, and student athletes for sharing your insights. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and click the notification bell to find out when a new video is posted each week.