Buffington Elementary

Buffington Elementary

Buffington Elementary
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About Buffington School

Buffington school was established 1872 and was located on the corner of 4th Avenue & 7th Street in Huntington. It was a 4 room school house.

The name of the school came from an old and influential family in the early settlement of the valley.

In 1882, it became an 8 room school house.

This school building was closed in November, 1898. This building was given to the city by the Board of Education for hospital purposes.

The new Buffington School was built in 1898 and was located at 5th Avenue & 6th Street.

In 1875 a building of 2 rooms was erected on the corner of 3rd Avenue & 22nd Street for the rapidly increasing population around the car works.

In 1885 this building was increased to 4 rooms, and in 1904 this building became an 8 room structure.

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Prepared under the direction of the State Superintendent of Free Schools

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In 1960-61 there were 233 students.

This information was obtained from: “Directory Cabell County Public Schools”, 1955-1956 and 1957-1958 was a loan from John Hanna, Principal at Southside Elementary.

“Directory Cabell County Public Schools”, 1960-1961. A loan from Mike O’Dell, Assistant Superintendent/Operations