Barboursville Elementary

Barboursville Elementary

Barboursville Elementary About Barboursville Elementary

Barboursville Elementary taught grades 1-6.

In 1955-56 there were 492 students.

In 1957-58 there were 564 students.

In 1960-61 there were 490 students.

This information was obtained from: “Directory Cabell County Public Schools”, 1955-1956 and 1957-1958 was a loan from John Hanna, Principalat Southside Elementary.

“Directory Cabell County Public Schools”, 1960-1961. A loan from Mike O’Dell, Assistant Superintendent/Operations

In 1979-80 school year there were 521 students.

In 1980-81 school year there were 506 students.

In 1981-82 school year there were 504 students.

In 1982-83 school year there were 515 students.

In 1983-84 school year there were 499 students.

In 1984-85 school year there were 505 students.

In 1985-86 school year there were 508 students.

In 1986-87 school year there were 515 students.

In 1987-88 school year there were 493 students.

In 1988-89 school year there were 482 students.

This information was obtained by:

Information Concerning the Proposed Closing of Milton High School

Prepared in Pursuant to Code of West Virginia Chapter 18, Article 5, Section 13a and West Virginia Board of Education, Policy 6200

Barboursville Elementary in 1995-96 had 327 students.

This information was obtained by:

West-End Elementary School Consolidated Elementary School , Education Specifications, ZMM, Inc. Architects and Engineers Charleston, WV, July 1, 1996 Revised August 6, 1996.