2020-21 Learning Models

Blended Learning Model

All Cabell County School students will be learning through the county’s Blended Learning Model at least through the first semester (September 8th, 2020, to January 15, 2021).

The Blended Learning Model is a combination of two in-person instructional days at school paired with three remote learning days at home. Wednesday is a live remote day for students to engage in active learning, new concepts, class discussions, and assigned tasks. Teachers will provide assignments to be completed on the remaining remote learning days that reinforce new concepts/skills learned at school.  Whether in-person or remote, five days of instruction will be provided and learning will be expected.

Parent Expectations
  • Sign and adhere to Acceptable Use Policy regarding internet and device usage.
  • Ensure daily internet access for school work and Schoology access.
  • Create and maintain successful learning environments for students at home or away from school.
  • Provide structure and guidance for at-home assignments.
  • Encourage student to always try their best and to reach out to their teachers with any questions.
  • Be responsible for any county devices

Using Teams for
Distance Learning

Students Expectations
  • Sign and adhere to Acceptable Use Policy regarding internet and device usage.
  • Submit timely, “best effort” work in all classes.
  • Create a schedule for a balanced workload for tasks.
  • Engage active participation in lessons and tasks during in-person and remote learning through Teams meetings; do not hesitate to ask for help.
  • Maintain attendance and participation both online and in person.
  • Download all necessary materials for remote learning on student’s final in-person day for the week.


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