Organizational Health

What is Organizational Health?

Organizational Health (OH), like personal health, may vary from a minimal to a maximum level. For Cabell County Schools, it is our ability to function effectively, to cope adequately, to change appropriately, and to grow from within. OH includes and is dependent on the following ten dimensions that are measured annually:

Goal Focus
The ability to have clarity, acceptance, and support for goals and objectives.

Communication Adequacy
Open, two-way communication which travels both vertically and horizontally throughout the district.

Power Equalization
Ability to maintain a relatively eqitable distribution of influence between staff/team member and their leader.

Resource Utilization
Degree to which leader knows and is able to coordinate the talents of staff/team members.

Clear sense of identity and staff/team member wants to stay, be influenced by staff/team, and exert their own influence with staff/team member (working together).

Feeling of well-being, satisfaction, and pleasure in job.

Ability to be and allow others to be inventive, diverse, creative, and risk-taking

Freedom and responsibility to manage those things within their sphere of influence.

Ability to tolerate stress and maintain stabily while coping with demands internally and externally.

Problem-Solving Adequacy
Ability to identify problems and to solve with minimal energy.

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